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Lately there has been an increase in the number of cases being filed by NRIs as well as against NRIs. Being away from their native country since years, it can be quite a daunting task to deal with a lawsuit filed in Indian courts. Tardy pace of proceedings, complex laws and to top it all the hassles of finding a reliable lawyer. There has been a jump in the demand for lawyers specialising in NRI cases and we have kept in mind the changing scenario and expanded our team of lawyers accordingly. We started small in the field of NRI litigation and our unwavering commitment has added to our client base significantly. Now, NRIs settled in various corners of the world count on us to zealously represent them in court.

NRI clients need novel approach to get the issues resolved. We understand that our NRI clients cannot travel back and forth from the country they have settled in, only to be present at hearings and get wind of things back in India. We have tried to take every step to cause the least inconvenience to our client with maximum reliance on use of modern technology. We hold regular Skype meetings with our clients to give them real time updates about the progress made and inform them about what to anticipate next. We let the clients know about the option of assigning “power of attorney” to cut down on trips and mandatory attendance at every hearing during the trial. Every client has a lawyer assigned to answer all the queries and clear all the doubts, available 24*7 to help you out. Our staff sends regular reports via emails and over phone calls. We represent NRIs in all types of lawsuits. We have successfully managed cases pertaining to family law, divorce petitions, property divisions, ancestral property disputes, commercial property litigation, criminal lawsuits etc. We understand that time is money. In this fast paced world, wasting even a moment can cost big. This is primarily the reason why it is our earnest effort to avoid unnecessary visits of our client and handle most of the cases while the client is overseas. Over the years our clientele has grown to include NRIs settled in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries with Indian diaspora.

It is an arduous journey to the top of the mountain and harder still to remain there. Our standing today is a culmination of years of hard work and dedication towards our work and more importantly our clients. We do not believe in a case being a major or a minor one, we strive to excel in every endeavour we undertake. Our philosophy is to better our yesterday and work towards the best version. We have a strict code of conduct and work ethics to be followed by every member of the team. We make sure we protect our clients’ rights and work to make sure their best interests are catered to. Our core values have remained the same since the day we started and we guarantee the same level of exceptional service to every client. Our lawyers put their heart and soul to every case they represent since at the end of the day it isn’t just about work, it is our moral responsibility towards the society at large.

Few of the principles we imbibe in our practice include being objective towards our clients and subjective in our approach. No matter whether our client is from the top echelons of the society or a simple worker, we give our clients personal attention and make sure they are attended to and heard properly. Every client matters and every case matters. We owe our success to our satisfied clients and their trust. Thus we highly value being honest and truthful in our approach. Though it isn’t easy to let the clients know the truth about the merits of their case, we condone misleading them with inflated claims about a sure victory when the circumstances might mean otherwise. We often receive client with misplaced views and ideas about what their case entails. Our lawyers elucidate both the best and the worst case scenarios so that our clients are prepared before hand and are able to make informed decisions. All our meetings and correspondence with our clients are completely confidential and transparent, with no hidden truths or costs.

Although a person might consult a lawyer as a consequence of some difficult circumstances and it is purely a means to an end kind of relationship yet we make sure we build a relationship based on trust and faith. We try our best to make things as convenient as possible once our NRI clients have put their faith on our competence to get them out of the legal mess they are caught in. Being made part of a lawsuit, trying to cope with the case and managing your routine life simultaneously- all this can get quite taxing and stressful. We completely understand the situation our NRI clients find themselves pushed into and we fervently try to make things better for them. We work to get the best possible outcomes in the lawsuits we represent. Our NRI clients’ trust has earned us the place we have reached today and we highly value their association with us.

Our goal-oriented strategy and a logical approach to every case have made a successful streak possible in the domain of NRI lawsuits. Simply put, we treat every case as the most important and give it the dedication and time it demands. We believe in team work to receive the best inputs from every lawyer on our panel. We consider it our duty more than our job to get the best results for your case, incurring the least of cost and time. It is our hope that every NRI client we legally assist walks out of the office a content and satisfied individual with their legal troubles having been put to rest.


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